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  • Max and Millie Stay On Socks

    Socks that actually stay on

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What Mom's are saying...

Mom 1 Socks 0

We could never keep socks on our child's feet for more than 4 seconds. Now I can go a whole day without having to worry about searching for lost socks!


Impressive Quality

My little man is so tough on his socks. I was truly impressed with how well these held up.


About Us


Made with Mom's in Mind

Being a mom is already the hardest job in the world, so we thought we would give you some help.

Made with Busy Feet in Mind

Our socks come with a 365 day wear guranatee. We use only the highest quaility materials and construction on our socks.

Made with Mother Nature in Mind

We are doing our part to ensure your little one get a clean planet. We use recyleable packaging and sustainable manufacturing practices.